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Rats & Mice Control

Rats and mice are serious pests that are known to damage property, contaminate food and spread disease.

Rat identification

Colour generally brown (may vary); weight 150g-500g (average 300g); length 440mm including the tail; body/head 200mm-250mm, tail 150mm-200mm.

Habitat and Breeding

Burrows two feet underground (60cm) 80mm diameter hole river/stream banks, farms (especially pig units, stables, poultry). Can be found in any building but especially cellars and sewers.
Gestation 21 days; Litter three to six per year; Litter size seven to eight blind and naked young.

Eyes open at 14 days; Breeding is possible throughout the year, 200 young from a single pair possible. Mortality is reduced due to milder winter climates. The rodent is mature at three months old and they average life span is nine to 18 months.

Mice identification

The house mouse has a shorter tail than other mice, it is very variable in colour being grey, brown or almost black and normally the species has a grey belly. Weight 15g (0.5 ounces); Length 6cm-9cm head and body, 10cm’s tail; Ears large; eyes small; snout pointed.

Habitat and Breeding

It has a wide range of habitants all buildings, coalmines, to tower blocks, food factories, shops, to abattoirs. Gestation 21 days; Weaning three to four weeks; Sexual maturity nine to ten weeks; Litter size four to 16; Litters per year seven to eight; Lives nine to 12 months. A mouse weighs 1g at birth and is the size of a baked bean.

A night-vision camera video showing a rat infestation in a loft:

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