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Carpet Moth Control

Similar to the common clothes moth, the carpet moth is a stubborn pest that feeds on the animal fibres in carpets. Due to the rate of laid eggs, an infestation can get out of hand very quickly!

Moth identification

Size 1mm – 12mm usually 5mm – 7mm and the adult moth is golden brown in colour.

Habitat and Breeding

Natural textiles and fabric, they sometimes enter buildings via open windows and doors and can originate form birds nests. They are sometimes imported in tapestries, fabrics and soft furnishings and furniture. 40 – 50 laid singly but sometimes they are deposited in ones and twos.

Laying takes place in one day but sometimes over a period of weeks after which the female moth dies. They are deposited into folds, seams, or between fibres. Hatching takes place after four to ten days. The larva is cream white in colour with a golden-brown head and its body is sparsely bristled.

It lives in an open ended silken tune where it feeds all the time. Sometimes sheets of silk accompany tunnels. Development can be from 35 days to 2.5 Days. The excreta or frass is sometimes mistaken for eggs. Areas stained with urine are favoured more than clean fabrics.

The pupa is contained within a silken cocoon incorporating frass and fibres. The adult moth hatches after pupation in two to six weeks. The moth scuttles about, running away when disturbed rather than flying.

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