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Bird Control

We understand the nuisance of birds around the Sussex area and the problems they bring.

We control and proof against birds

Bird control is required to help prevent disease, damage to property and potential accidents. At City Pest Control, we have been working with customers to control and proof against birds for many years, and all of our customers highly recommend us for our great services.

To help our customers prevent against bird damage to property, health risks, bad odours and further infestations (including nesting and droppings), we have a wide range of tried and tested safe solutions to help combat all the above.

Preventing bird infestation

There are many ways to prevent Bird infestation, such as with Spikes, Bird Wire and Bird Netting.

We are trained in preventive bird measures and fouling clearance. Free no-obligation surveys are available, no matter how big or small your premises.

Bird spikes and bird spiders are an ideal preventative measure where netting cannot be used.

Ideal for flat roofs, such as bathrooms and bedroom extensions.

Example of our work in centre of Brighton

Netting protection for Dorm roof:
Protection of AC units from Seagulls:

We offer our pest control services around the Brighton & Hove and Sussex area

Our fully-trained staff are on hand and ready to deal with your bird problems – big or small, domestic or commercial.

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Whatever your pest problems - we can help!

Get in touch for a free quote!

Whatever your pest problems - we can help!