Name Identification Habitat and Breeding
 Brown Rat, Sewer Rat, Common Rat, Norway Rat Colour generally brown (may vary); weight 150g-500g (average 300g); length 440mm including the tail; body/head 200mm-250mm, tail 150mm-200mm. Burrows two feet underground (60cm) 80mm diameter hole river/stream banks, farms (especially pig units, stables, poultry). Can be found in any building but especially cellars and sewers.
Gestation 21 days; Litter three to six per year; Litter size seven to eight blind and naked young. Eyes open at 14 days; Breeding is possible throughout the year, 200 young from a single pair possible. Mortality is reduced due to milder winter climates. The rodent is mature at three months old and they average life span is nine to 18 months.