Name Identification Habitat and Breeding
German Cockcroach 12mm - 15mm, mid brown, with a yellow brown thorax having two dark brown stripes. Long antennae. Wings full length in male but 2/3 length in the female. The insect prefers a warm moist environment, inside tray wash machines, fridge motors, conduits etc. The female carries the ootheca and deposits it, nymphs hatch after one to two days, four to eight ootheca are produced each containing 30-40 eggs. There are six to seven nymphal stages to adulthood. The longevity of the insect is 128 days for male and 153 for the female.
Oriental/Common Cockroach 17mm - 30mm, dark brown to black very shiny and very flattened, the female has very reduced wing buds and the male wings are longer to almost the end of the abdomen. Mainly in heated buildings, dustbin bin areas, waste/compactor areas, cellars, boiler houses, ducting's and lift shafts. Colonies are often established in drains or services but sometimes in cladding and dead spaces inside processing equipment. Ootheca produced five to ten per female each containing 16/18 eggs, incubation 48-80 days at 20 C to 25 C preferred temp. Nymphal stages seven to ten to adult, life span 60 - 250 days depending on temperature.