Carpet Beetle


Name Identification Habitat and Breeding
Varied Carpet Beetle Larvae known as woolly bears and are 3mm-4mm long, are squat, brown in colour. The larvae are segmented and hairy with three bunches of golden hairs on the tip of the abdomen. They tend to shun light. Adults are 1.5mm-4mm long and the body is of a variegated pattern with a dense covering of scales. The patterns are variable but they are usually pale brown , yellow, and straw, marbled. They have 11 segmented antennae with a three segmented club. The adult insect often enters factories processing cereals and mills. They commonly infest bird nests and sometimes can be found on packaging in warehousing. These insects are common in bird's nests. 12-100 eggs, which are 0.5mm long and are cream in colour.
They hatch after ten days at 30 C. These are laid in the breeding material over a two-week period in the summer. The larvae hatch after two to four weeks and the larvae feed till winter when they will sometimes hibernate if its too cold. They resume feeding in the spring, pupate in February or March and are active throughout the summer. Late summer and autumn the females will enter buildings to lay eggs. Adults live for two to six weeks. The adult readily flies in the spring. They can sometimes be found on window sills attracted to UV light.